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Want to Sell Your Insurance Agency or Book of Business but don’t know where to start?

Insurance Agency Owners typically sell an insurance agency once in their lifetime, whereas Insurance Agency Buyers close several transactions. This puts Sellers at a huge disadvantage since ...

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Ricardo Lara pledges to confront climate-fueled wildfires, fight fraud, expand health care as next Insurance Commissioner

SACRAMENTO, Calif. – Ricardo Lara took office as California Insurance Commissioner at a ceremony in Sacramento on Monday, January 7, pledging to help Californians recover from wildfires while ...

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Greater consumer protections coming in January 2019; especially for seniors and future fire survivors

The California Department of Insurance announced new bills coming in 2019. You can read the full Press Release below. SACRAMENTO, Calif. — The new year will ring in with four additional bills ...

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Strategies for Selling Insurance Agencies under $500,000 in Revenue to Maximize Sales Price

At Ganis Consulting, we receive at least 15 inquiries every month from agency owners looking to acquire insurance agencies. They’re not all new, roughly 1/2 of them are repeat visitors checking ...

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5 Ways Business Owners Can Maximize Value and Sales Price when Selling an Insurance Agency

At Ganis Consulting, we receive at least 15-20 NEW inquiries every month from agency owners looking to acquire insurance agencies. The deals we close are under $1,000,000 in annual Revenue and many ...

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Amazon Weighs Formation of UK Insurance Comparison Website: Reuters

A Press Release from Insurance Journal says Amazon is considering a UK Insurance Comparison Website. Inc is sounding out some of Europe’s top insurance firms to see if they would ...

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Why Most Insurance Agency Buyers will Never Buy Your (any) Agency

We’ve all heard it at insurance conferences, dinners and carrier events. Agents are looking to acquire a book or buy an agency because it’s one of the best investments on the planet. ...

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California’s First Cannabis Business Owners Policy Approved by California Department of Insurance

California Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones has approved the first Cannabis Business Owners Policy in the State of California. The American Association of Insurance Services designed the new ...

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Southern California Insurance Agents Arrested for Fraud – Lock Them Up!

California-based life insurance agents, Samuel Tadlock III, 32, of Eastvale, Marlene Ramirez, 42, of Murrieta, Daniel Herrarte, 34, of Sylmar, and Jorge Lopez Jr., 38, of San Fernando, were arrested ...

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