7 Tips for Choosing a Business Broker when selling your business

For serial entrepreneur Jane Angelich, deciding to sell the San Francisco uniform store she had owned for 13 years was easy. Finding an attentive business broker to help with the transaction proved to be less so. “The first one I hired produced nothing,” says Angelich, who’s now CEO of Supercollar, a company that sells a dog collar with a built-in leash. “He pawned me off on an associate that worked over two hours from San Francisco and had no desire to make the trip to show the business. They weren’t showing me buyers, and they weren’t even coming up with clever reasons why they weren’t showing me buyers.” It wasn’t that Angelich hadn’t sniffed out the guy in advance. She’d researched him online and off. She’d checked his references. She’d made a point to meet him at his office to ensure she wasn’t “dealing with someone who was sitting in his garage.” Read the full article compliments of American Express Open Forum Here. If you’re looking for a Business Broker that specializes in selling insurance agencies, please contact us today!