Personal and Commercial Lines Departments need to Collaborate

As I tour the country and meet with countless insurance agencies about building a sales culture, it amazes me how many agency departments don’t collaborate with one another. We’ve implemented numerous ideas into agencies for Personal Lines to contact Commercial clients and cross-sell clients Personal Lines products. In most cases the Commercial Producers are uncomfortable with the Personal Lines Department contacting “their” clients. The question you have to ask yourself is; am I doing my clients an injustice by not offering every product we sell? If the answer to that questions is no, stop reading. If you firmly believe that you’re hurting your client(s) by not offering them every product you sell, then why do you let this happen? Often times it’s not a technical issue, but a heart issue within the agency. It’s important for everyone in the agency to communicate and collaborate to make sure we sell every line of business we offer to every client we have. Tim Sawyer, the President of Astonish Results has articulated this message well. Take a few minutes to watch this video and learn the importance of colloboration between all departments in your agency. If we can ever help you put together a sales process for this or anything else in your agency, please contact us.