Improve your Insurance Agency with an Agency Report Card

November 30, 2009

Operating an Insurance Agency

Part of our menu of services is what we call an Agency Report Card. We spend at least one business day onsite at your agency to conduct a full operational review of sales, service, and support/back office, resulting in an Agency Report Card that highlights areas of strength and opportunities for improvement. We generally give you a list of 10 areas of your agency which you pick 4 or 5 to be reviewed. The most common areas are Service Workflow, Accounting and Financial Reporting, Agency Management System Review and Marketing. If you were to choose these 4 items for your report card, we’d focus on these areas on our visit and spend 2-3 hours with the Principal of the agency inquiring about current methods. Within 7-10 days of our initial visit, you’ll receive a report ranging from 15-40 pages outlining the current methods used for certain procedures along with recommendations on how to improve. Once you receiveĀ The Agency Report CardĀ and have a chance to review it, we’ll return to the office or schedule a call to review the report and answer any questions you have. If you’d like to learn more about obtaining an Agency Report Card for your Insurance Agency, please contact us for a free Consultation.