An Assessment can help Insurance Agency Consultants give you specialized advice

We recently spent 2 consecutive days in an insurance agency that had one of the best cultures I’ve ever seen in the business. Employees loved management, ownership cared about management and employees are being promoted from within. This agency will make a great case study on how an insurance agency can improve their processes seamlessly when there’s a world class results culture. Most of the challenges for this particular agency is their sales and service processes. Rapid growth and a turn-over in management caused someĀ sloppinessĀ in underwriting and service while roles and responsibilities weren’t clearly defined. The agency embraced most of the ideas we recommended and began implementing change right away. The reason this insurance agency will succeed is because ownership, management and every employee embraced positive change. Since they love the agency they work for, they’re willing to change their habits, refine their processes and improve the client experience. This agency asks their 16 employees to think creatively and has an open door policy for everyone. Many agencies can use some outside expertise to visit the agency and give a neutral, 3rd party opinion on how to improve their business. We don’t have a template we ask you to follow, every assessment is customized and includes an agency report card. We’ve conducted over 500 insurance agency assessments over the past 4 years and have several recommendations on our LinkedIn page. If you’re interested in hiring an insurance agency consultant, we hope you’ll consider hiring Ganis Consulting, Inc. Please contact us through our site or call today for more info. Make it a great week!