Ask for The Sale

In Tom Hopkins famous book How to Master the Art of Selling, he says “90% of all sales that aren’t made, aren’t made because the sale was never asked for”. So you’ve went through the benefits of being with your agency, the carrier, etc etc. You found their hot buttons and have great rapport with the client. Then at the end of conversation, they tell you they’ll call you back and of course – never do. Sales people have a fear of asking for the sale because it’s the only portion of a sales cycle that has potential rejection. The fact is, if you can’t handle rejection, don’t become a sales person. If a sales person has a 40% close ratio, they’ve been rejected 6 out of 10 times they talk to a prospect – yet they’re still considered extremely successful in the Personal Lines Insurance market. The best feeling is when someone is negative about your product yet when you ask those magic words “Would you like to take care of this by fax or email”? You get the ol’ mighty YES. If you’re not asking for the sale on every quote you deliver, you should pack your things, call it a day and consider a new profession. This is one of the basic principles of salesmanship that should be followed with every prospect you come in contact with. In addition to asking for the sale, you should ask for referrals as well. Prospects won’t pull out their credit card and ask you to take their money – you have to ask for it. Clients or prospects won’t refer their friends unless you give them the idea to do so. Ask for the sale, ask for referrals and watch your income grow immediately.