Use a Business Broker when selling your Insurance Agency

January 2, 2009

Selling an Insurance Agency

Most Insurance Agency Owners are savvy business people and when it comes to selling their agency, decideĀ  to do it themselves. Many Business Owners would never consider selling their house without a Realtor and they’ve lived in houses longer than they’ve owned a business. The thing about selling a business is there’s no uniformity when selling a business. Every insurance agency is different and every agency needs attention in different areas. Below are a few benefits of using a Business Broker when selling your Insurance Agency or Brokerage:
  • We have experience selling businesses on a daily basis
  • Business Brokers can use their experience from past transactions to help you sell your agency
  • Buyers won’t be calling your office asking your employees about the agency for sale
  • We can keep the sale of your agency confidential from employees, carriers and clients
  • Before a prospective buyer finds out who you are, we pre-qualify them for licensing, markets and funding
  • You can focus on writing business and running your agency rather than weeding through buyers to find the right one.
  • We pay for any and all advertising of your insurance agency for sale.
  • You’ll have access to our non-disclosure agreements, letters of intent, purchase agreements, non-compete agreements and a variety of other tools.
  • We’ve sold more insurance agencies in the past year than any other firm in the State of California
If you’re selling your insurance agency or are considering selling in the next 6 months, please contact us for a free, confidential, no obligation consultation. We specialize in selling insurance agencies and can help you sell yours too!