Selling your Commercial Insurance Agency

Buyers are looking for Commercial Books of all colors, shapes and sizes. From the basic BOP/Commercial Auto book to Contractors, Work Comp, Trucking, Agricultural, E&O, Manufacturing, and any other Commercial Line you can think of. Commercial agencies for sale with direct appointments or one that uses wholesalers are both highly desirable. Agency bill, premium finance or direct bill are all targets for buyers that contact us regularly. Different buyers have different carrier, location and revenue preferences but we’re able to match you with a suitor looking for your agency. We look for several factors when matching a buyer with a specific seller. A few of them are listed below:
  • Are the buyer and seller appointed with the same carriers?
  • Do the buyer and seller use the same agency management systems?
  • Are there any tangible items a buyer is looking for that a specific seller is offering?
Your agency increases in value by being matched with a buyer that does business similar to the way you do. Rather than talking to 20-30 different parties to find one person that might be qualified to buy your agency, hire us to do it! We don’t charge any fees unless your agency is sold. Whether you have a book full of Safeco, Travelers and other direct appointments or a book that places 90% of its business with wholesalers, you can sell your commercial insurance agency. When selling any insurance agency you need to be prepared and you need to be priced correctly. Most agencies that don’t sell, aren’t sold because they’re not priced correctly OR they’re accounting records aren’t organized. That’s where we can help you most – preparing the agency and talking to buyers so you don’t have to take calls, advertise and let the entire world know you’re for sale. So, if you have a commercial book or agency and are considering selling, now is a great time. Large and small firms are looking to grow through acquisition so there are plenty of buyers for you to consider. Contact us for more information.