Consistency is Key for your Digital, Blogging and Social Marketing Strategy

September 23, 2013

Marketing an Insurance Agency

As we travel the country speaking with insurance agencies and other businesses about how to leverage the internet to generate new business or engage existing customers, many business owners aren’t sure how to start an online marketing campaign. Posting your products and services on Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter can certainly help, but the Digital Consumer wants more than that. When you look at companies that are successful with Digital Marketing they have a common trait. Consistency! A successful Social Media campaign can’t be something you start because you read a book over the weekend that says you should. You need a marketing¬†plan that outlines the when, how, who, where and why. Starting a calendar with community based events that you can blog about is a great start. Your blog is the dynamic portion of your website and should constantly get updated (5-15x per month) with relevant engaging content. Keep in mind that your blog isn’t a place for you to simply write articles about your business, products and services. 1 of 5 can be about that, but for the most part, you’re trying to drive people to your website. Once they’re on your site, it’s up to the design of your site to convert that visitor to a lead. Once they become a lead, it’s up to your sales team to convert them into a client. The other option to your blogging, social media and overall digital marketing strategy is to outsource this service so you don’t have to worry about it. For a service provider that specializes in blogging, social and other digital marketing services, contact us so we can lead you in the right direction.