Consulting Services are Available for Small and Large Insurance Agencies

Many Agency Owners would love to refer to a neutral 3rd party for advice on various projects in their agencies such as advertising, recruiting, payroll, marketing, workflow, accounting, sales training, customer service training and other functions in their agency. As an insurance agency owner it’s difficult to solve some of the daily problems and focus on the big picture because you’re in the middle of it everyday. When large agencies such as Marsh, AON or Brown and Brown have an area that needs improvement, they hire some of the largest consulting firms in the country to help them fix that specific area. Small Business Owners don’t have the resources to invest hundreds of thousands of dollars in one of the larger firms like Anderson, Marshberry and others so they tackle all of the problems on their own. Ganis Consulting has a team of experienced ex-agency owners and offers a menu of agency consulting services that can help you now. Whether you need to create an accounting department, train your staff on other lines of business, retool the workflow of your service department to improve retention or want a second set of eyes to evaluate certain procedures in your agency, we can help. We’ve assisted dozens of agencies convert to a paperless environment, implement agency management systems, set up customer service workflows, conduct sales training, product knowledge training, underwriting training and take on projects that owners simply don’t have the time to handle. We call it our Virtual GM Program and it’s available to Personal, Commercial and Benefits Agencies. If you’d like to obtain a free consultation, contact us so we can explain how this program can help your agency become more profitable.