Do you have Questions about Astonish Results Digital Marketing System?

A number of insurance agents and brokers have contacted us recently to ask questions about Astonish Results and how their Digital Marketing System is literally changing the insurance industry. I always suggest that people visit the Astonish website as well as the Astonish Results Blog. There are tons of press articles, videos and other information for people to learn about Astonish. What most people don’t realize is that this isn’t just a website and some internet marketing, this is an entire system packed with benefits to help you change the culture of your agency. In our consulting and training endeavors over the past 5 years, we’ve heard the same excuse a million times. “I’m doing everything I’ve always done, I can’t figure out why my business is shrinking”. If you keep doing the same thing, how can you possibly expect a different result? The reality is, there are as many people insured today as there were in your best years as an agent. The problem is, you’re still looking for them in places they’re not. The direct writers spend 100’s of millions on TV and Radio telling people to go where? Yes, the internet! Do you have a strategy to find these customers? Do you have a strategy to generate not only leads but business on the internet? Whether you are or not, this Digital Marketing System deserves a look if you’re in the Insurance Business. Nowadays there’s no such thing as staying the same, you’re either growing or your not.