Great Article on how Insurance Agents can Leverage LinkedIn

Our good friends at Insurance Journal published an article from the CEO of Astonish, Adam DeGraide. Here’s a short excerpt from the article with a link to read the entire piece. This post is part of a series on insurance marketing and training sponsored by Astonish Results. Since it focuses on business and networking opportunities as opposed to photos and gossip, LinkedIn is sometimes treated as the red-headed step child of social media, and given no attention. However, according to a poll executed in 2011 by Performics, a performance marketing company, 60% of professionals think LinkedIn is the most important social network because of its emphasis on business building. The site is in a class of its own; and while it may not be as ‘fun’ as other sites, as a commercial sales agent, LinkedIn is your most valuable online marketing and research tool. Read the full article here.