Grow your Insurance Agency with Digital Marketing

As I travel the country agents often confuse Digital Marketing as being a website and a FaceBook page. While this is a part of Digital Marketing, it’s only about 10% of what you need to do to succeed in the 21st Century. Insurance Agencies that grow by leveraging Digital Marketing use a blended strategy. What that means is; they use a mix of Social Media, Email Marketing, SEO, SEM, Local Listings and many other strategies to drive traffic to a website, that converts visitors into leads. The biggest mistake agency owners make is they build a website, invest 10’s of thousands in SEO then become discouraged when the leads don’t come pouring in. In this competitive environment, agency owners need to proactively drive traffic to their site until they’ve built enough clout with Google, Yahoo and Bing to be on the first page in their market. Hiring an SEO expert that doesn’t understand the insurance business is a big mistake so avoid the so called “Experts”. There’s nothing more time consuming and expensive than training a consultant on how the insurance industry operates. It’s equally important that your Producers and CSR’s are trained on how to work with the consumer that finds you on the internet. It’s a much different sales process than referrals or yellow page leads from 10 years ago and many agents struggle with embracing the new way of selling and servicing. The best way to learn what the fastest growing agencies in the country are doing to grow is to contact me.