Insurance Agencies are Anxious to Learn about Digital Marketing

I recently taught a class and had about 40 Agencies in attendance. We discussed the Big Rocks of Digital Marketing and the participation of the attendees was amazing! This group of agencies have obviously embraced technology,  but Digital Marketing still seems to be a challenge for many of them. We covered the Core Principles of successful marketing for Insurance Agencies including the following:
  • Building a World Class Sales Culture
  • Owning a Website that Converts Visitors to Leads
  • Having Landing Pages and multi media that attracts visitors to your products and services
  • Blogging Consistently
  • Embracing Social Media with an emphasis on FaceBook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+
This is obviously just a small sampling of all the things agencies need to do in order to attract the Modern Consumer and of course retain them for years to come. It’s not about doing one thing, it’s about a blended marketing strategy and doing all of these things better than every else. If you’d like a broef hassle free demonstration of the Greatest Digital Marketing and Training system in the country, please contact me directly. Make it a great week!