Insurance Agencies that Lack Leadership are in No Danger of Growing

You read the title correctly, Insurance Agencies; or any business for that matter that lacks Dedicated, Passionate Leadership is in no danger of achieving the growth needed to thrive in any environment. What we’ve learned over the past 22 years in the insurance industry is that it all starts at the top. I recall many times over the past 2 decades when Owners pat themselves on the back for growing their business. It’s ironic however, that when things are bad, it’s the employees, the economy, carriers, regulations and everything except; The Leader. I urge you to come see us speak sometime because you’ll see that the number one Core Principle in building a World Class Sales Culture is Leadership. There’s no question that it all starts at the top and Agency Owners are growing their businesses when they have a great attitude, train their people, invest in marketing and make a difference every day. Employees follow your lead and if they hear you complain about a soft market guess what they’ll do? If they hear you talk about how the economy is hurting your business, guess what they’ll believe? If they hear you talk about what a great opportunity you have, take a wild guess at what they’ll believe? Remember, being the leader of an organization is like being a parent. You set the tone for what’s going to happen so take our advice and be the type of leader that everyone wants to work with. Don’t forget to contact us if you ever need coaching in this area. We’d love to speak with you!