Insurance Agency Coaching and Consulting is a Great Investment

I’ve been in nearly 300 insurance agencies in the past 5 years for training, coaching, consulting, marketing and M&A services. It’s amazing how much the business has changed in the past 5,10,15 years. Days of running a yellow page ad, sponsoring a little league team and ringing phones are long gone for most. The fact is, the modern consumer moved and changed their buying habits; but the independent insurance agent hasn’t. For an insurance agency to grow in 2011, you need a strong web presence to capture your local community. You need a solid social media strategy and most importantly, you need a World Class Sales Culture. Whether your agency has 8 employees or 80, your People, Process and Tools must all be in working order. Many agencies we meet with don’t know how to start building these essential functions, so they do nothing. The key to succeeding is to do something, anything! If you’re ready to implement some of these strategies but have no idea where to start, you can hire professionals that specialize in the Independent Agency System to help you get started. Our firm has been in the independent agency system for 22 years and can help you Find-Sell and Keep more clients for less cost. Contact us for more info.