Insurance Agency Loans from Insurance Banks

There are numerous ways to find capital when investing in an insurance agency. Whether you need money to expand current operations, consolidate personal debt or acquire insurance agencies there are several options. There are several insurance banks currently in the market that specialize in lending money against future commissions. In most cases your personal debt ratio is not taken into account, so as long as your business is healthy, you can borrow funds. If you need to secure financing to buy an insurance agency or grow your agency organically, contact us so we can refer you to a lender that fits your needs. Traditional banks and the SBA don’t understand the revenue stream created by insurance agencies and underwrite their loans differently than Insurance Banks. It’s easier to work with a Loan Agent from an Insurance Bank than the SBA or traditional bank because they understand how your business operates. Depending on the condition of your accounting and tax records loans can take anywhere from 25 days and up to fund.