Insurance Agency Training will help grow your business

Over the past 7 years, we’ve trained well over 10,000 insurance agency principals, producers, csr’s, account managers and other industry specialists. We’ve trained in well over 450 different insurance agencies and have witnessed best practices, poor practices and everything in between. The one consistent theme we hear when our projects are completed is that we identified areas of ¬†improvement that were obvious, yet hard to identify for management. We use the analogy of people that live in a home with dogs. The people that live in the house with these wonderful pets don’t smell dogs, after all, they live in it. But when guests come over, the first thing they smell is dogs! The same can be said for a business that has internal challenges in sales, marketing, service and operations. It’s not that owners or managers can’t fix the challenges, it’s that they can’t identify them because you’re on the front lines everyday. We welcome you to check our LinkedIn page for testimonials from 100’s of insurance agencies that have used our insurance agency training programs and contact us for a free phone consultation. Make it a great day!