Insurance Agencies should Strive for LinkedIn Recommendations to Leverage Social Media

I was recently teaching a class and several insurance agencies that have learned to leverage social media asked about the value of recommendations on LinkedIn. There were of course, a few detractors that didn’t see the value and it turned into a great debate about whether or not the modern consumer actually reads recommendations and if they can help you. One thing we’ve learned in teaching Digital Marketing to Insurance Agencies throughout the US is that testimonials have a ton of value. Everywhere you look there are “Recommendations”, “Reviews” and other opinions about certain products or services. I think the challenge for us is that, insurance is second nature so we don’t realize the value. Anytime you’re looking for a new trinket, Google is the first place we go. Then, we search “Trinket name Reviews” to see what others have experienced by buying a specific product or service. Every time you buy an app in the apple store, you see how many stars it has, then read the reviews before committing to making the purchase. In a nutshell, reviews on LinkedIn are very valuable. When you sell a Personal, Commercial, Benefits or any policy, you should request a recommendation from your insured on LinkedIn and leverage those recommendations in your marketing material. For a few examples of recommendations, please click here. If we can ever help you maximize your presence on the internet and establish a Digital Marketing Strategy for your insurance agency anywhere in the U.S., please don’t hesitate to contact us. Make it a great day!