Mercury Agents Computer and Network Services

If you’re looking to upgrade, fix or get better performance out of the systems in your office, you need a professional Network Manager. Hiring a full time manager can cost $40,000-$100,000+ annually. Most of us don’t need someone 40 hours per week and outsourcing this work to an outside vendor makes more sense. Our favorite vendor in California is Letson Consulting. Of all the IT vendors we’ve dealt with, Letson has the most creative, cost effective solutions for Mercury and other Agencies. They have decades of experience with FSC, Quiksilver and understand insurance agency lingo. When you hire an IT Manager that doesn’t specialize in insurance software, you have to teach them about bridging, zap app, FSC, Quiksilver and every other software program you use. Letson Consulting can help you organize files and maximize the efficiency of every work station in your agency. Visit The Letson Consulting Website to learn more about them and schedule a free consultation. Make sure you tell them GanisCo sent you.