Prop 33 Debate Regarding Insurance Discounts Heats up with weeks left until the Election

There’s a great article on IJ about Prop 33 and the latest battle between George Joseph and Harvey Rosenfield. It’s important for all insurance professionals to discuss this bill with your clients and educate them on the how competitive this will make the market in California. It’s really simple, if you’ve been with an insurance carrier for X number of years, you can receive discounts from thatĀ  carrierĀ for staying put. What Prop 33 will do, is allow people to take that discount and shop it to other carriers. It’s really a no-brainer! Consumer watchdogs against the bill say it’ll cost the public money, but nothing can be further from the truth. So, educate your clients and tell them to Vote YES on Prop 33! You can read the full article here.