Prospecting for Sales People should become a way of Life

Many sales people commit certain times of the day or week to finding new business and look at prospecting as boring or a chore. I’ve met with 1,000’s of sales professionals and business owners over the past several years and the one common theme of the most successful businesses is that prospecting is not a scheduled event, but a way of life. This is especially true for insurance agents because virtually every person, piece of property, auto and other possession¬†is insurable. In our business, we have a specialty niche and service insurance agencies. Our prospects are limited to the 40,000 local agencies in the USA. Many insurance agents have more prospects than that in the city they live. When you add in the surrounding cities or even the entire state ¬†(as you should) you have a prospect base that’s potentially millions of people! Zig Ziglar explains prospecting as being a “way of life”, meaning that whether you’re in the office, in a social setting or any other time, everyone you meet with is a potential prospect. Now, I’m not saying that you should walk around with a business card on your forehead or be the annoying sales person people avoid when they see you. However spreading the word, promoting your business on social media, handing out business cards, showing people your new website and making sure everyone knows you’re the insurance expert in your market will help to grow your business¬†exponentially.