Real Estate Brokers Can Help you Negotiate your Office Lease

September 7, 2008

Operating an Insurance Agency

Most people don’t realize that when you lease office space, the landlord pays a commission to the property manager of the building. The property manager of the building will never tell you about this commission and they’ll certainly never split it with you. If you hire a Real Estate Broker (Ganisco) to help you negotiate your new or existing lease, the commission paid to your property manager is split between the property manager and your representative. This means you have a Broker negotiating on your behalf without paying ANY money out of pocket. That’s right, if you want to move your office, or renegotiate your existing lease, you can call us to help you locate and/or negotiate space, without paying money out of pocket. If you have a lease renewing in the next six months, a tenant rep can help you renegotiate your renewal and save you money as well. Many times Property Managers will use the term “Boiler Plate” or “Standard” lease. These terms basically mean “Benefits the landlord and not you Mr. Tenant”. Don’t be fooled or misled into believing your property manager is out for you best interests. They work for and are paid by the landlord so everything they do benefits the landlord. By hiring a Real Estate Broker that specializes in tenant representation you’ll receive more concessions, (free rent, tenant improvements, parking, etc.) than you would on your own. Best of all, fees are paid by the landlord. If you’re considering selling your business, purchasing the building you occupy or leasing new office space, please contact us for a free no obligation consultation.