Sell Benefits not Price

Having spent my entire adult life in Insurance Agencies, it amazes me how most sales people make rate the number one issue on sales calls. Granted there are consumers that are rate shopping, but not all consumers are created equal. When giving quotes over the phone it’s important to have a “benefit read down” to review with each client. Below are several examples of benefits your sales people should be telling every prospect.
  • Rating of the carrier (Hopefully A Rated)
  • Simple billing process/pay online or via telephone
  • Talk to a human – not voice mail or IM Chat
  • Years in business for the agency and carrier quoted
  • Years the sales person has been in the business
  • 30% of our business is generated by referral
  • Our sales to customer service rep ratio is better than any agency on the planet
  • Office hours
  • Easy accessibility to their account
  • Type of policy (permissive user, any body shop you choose, no drop down limits, etc)
Most agencies have a market or markets that fall within 10-20% of the most competitive rate available. Within 10-20% of the next best rate is all you need if you’re a closer. Selling benefits and not price alone must become a habit and practiced on every quote given. As you can see this list can can quite extensive. Every sales person should review at least 4-5 benefits with every caller they come in contact with. These benefits should be read before a quote is given and after. The real key is to find a clients hot button and sell the benefits based on their hot button.