Selling an Insurance Agency Needs Expert Representation

September 18, 2010

Buying an Insurance Agency

We recently took a listing from an insurance agency owner that has been trying to sell their agency for over a year. They called us extremely frustrated over the lack of results they were getting from a Business Broker that sold all types of businesses. This wasn’t the first time we heard this, since we’ve been selling insurance agencies for over 5 years. The difference between hiring Business Brokers and an Insurance Agency Consultant is that we understand your business. We know to look for a buyer that has the same markets, agency management system and of course money. When an insurance agency is listed for sale, there are dozens of inquiries from people in the insurance business and many from people not in the insurance industry. Hiring representation can help you weed out the liars from the buyers so you can focus on running your agency and generating income. It also allows the firm representing you to ask the hard questions to a buyer and help you sell your agency. Since Ganis Consulting merged with Astonish Results, we’ve launched a new Insurance Agency M&A division. That new division has the most experienced Insurance M&A Specialists in the country that can help you sell your Personal, Commercial or Life/Health Insurance Agency. We urge you to contact us if you’re considering selling your insurance agency in the next 6 months-1 year.