Starting a New Insurance Agency Can be Exciting and Profitable

About 50% of our daily activity is helping Insurance Agency Owners sell their agencies. We’ve always specialized in Seller and Buyer representation but also consult new and existing insurance agencies. Many times buyers will hunt for that perfect insurance agency acquisition but have a hard time locating one. The reality is, most quality agencies that are priced to sell don’t sit on the market very long. In fact, most of the agencies we sell never make it to our website. They’re usually matched up with a buyer and sold before we have to market it. By quality I mean, competitive markets, clean accounting that makes due diligence a breeze and of course the agency is extremely profitable. Most buyers don’t have the resources to locate an agency as I described above so they hire a firm like Ganis Consulting. We’ve handled search services for dozens of buyers and have helped them locate, negotiate and close the sale of the agency. We’re constantly prospecting for sellers and our ability to match buyer and seller has helped us close 15 acquisitions in the past year. Some of our buyers decide to take the capital they we’re going to invest in a book and start their own agency. This has proven to be quite effective because we offer the following services:
  • Assist in locating and negotiating office space
  • Obtain licensing if necessary
  • Obtain all insurance policies needed to operate an insurance brokerage
  • Arrange for demos of all technology required to run the type of agency you’re opening
  • Find insurance companies, General Agents and other products to appoint the agency
  • Set up work flows for sales, service and accounting
  • Set up marketing plans to drive business to your insurance agency
  • Oversee the first 60-90 days in business
Many clients have taken this route and are running successful insurance agencies today. If this is an option you’re considering, please contact us for a free no obligation consultation. Opening and operating an insurance agency is never easy, but having our firm assist you will save you years of trial and error. It’s also a great way to make a living and insurance agencies are a “one of a kind” revenue stream. No other business I can think of has no inventory, and pays you every year for the policies you sell today.