Use Your Insurance Agency Domain for Email Addresses

December 6, 2009

Buying an Insurance Agency

Does your agency own it’s own Domain Name? A domain name is the address used for your website such as or You can purchase your domain from sites like or a number of others. Once you have your own domain, you can use it for your website address and your email address. Many insurance agencies we speak with have a website, but still use yahoo, gmail, or hotmail instead of their website address.¬† The reality is, when you email a prospective or even existing client, you’ll give a greater¬† professional impression by emailing from your own domain. It’s very easy to set up through your website host, 3rd party exchange host and even google has a new service for Businesses. As you prepare your agency to improve it’s web presence, consider changing your email to your company domain name. If you’re worried about having to check multiple email accounts, you can always forward your other email accounts to your company email address so everything is received in the same place. When you reply to an email that’s forwarded it’ll come from the company email address. If you don’t want to reply from your company email address, at least you’ll receive it there then you can log into the other account to reply. If you need any assistance with migrating your insurance agency email accounts to an affordable solution, please do not hesitate to contact us.