Cut IT Costs with a Web Based Agency Management System

Web based Agency Management Systems are a great way for agencies to cut IT costs. There are no backups to run, no upgrading servers and as your agency grows your office can be accessed anywhere in the world you have an internet connection. As we get deeper into the 21st Century, web based products are becoming commonplace in every industry. Some agencies don’t even have servers or networks. They have agents and CSR’s on stand-alone PC’s or laptops and since everything is web based, they share data on the vendors dime. We’re not saying your IT person will become obsolete by going to web based programs but it’ll certainly reduce your monthly IT bill. When a server in an insurance office goes down business essentially stops. You can’t rate, service and in some cases email. By having web based programs, the only way business stops completely is if your internet connection goes down which is why a DSL back up is a good idea if you go this route. If you’re shopping for or considering a new agency management system, ask your vendor about web based programs. One of our all time favorites is AMS 360. This product is loaded with tools for sales, service, marketing and their accounting program is second to none.