What are Insurance Agency Owners Focused on in 2013?

Over the past month we’ve worked with dozens of agencies in California and a few other states to make 2013 their best year ever. Insurance Agency Owners are unsure of what to expect in 2013 and quite frankly, neither do we. What we all need to know is that we should focus on what we can control which is Producers, CSR’s and the Agency Principals daily activity. What’s the focus of everyone on a daily basis? Is everyone complaining that it’s “slow” or are they cultivating new business? Have you started an email marketing campaign, maximized social media and any other marketing campaigns? What is your strategy for making the phones ring? Is your website up to snuff and receiving traffic? Do you know if your website is receiving traffic? Are you tracking the analytics on your site to make sure your site is actually generating leads? Do you have a training strategy to help your staff round out accounts, close new business and serve your clients better than any Gekko, Cartoon or good neighbor ever will? You see, what we’ve learned over the past several years is that businesses that don’t focus on these items are never good at them. An agency doesn’t generate 10 new leads per day through their site by accident. 95% retention doesn’t happen by accident, it’s a focus in the agency and anything we lose is replaced with something new…and then some. Training doesn’t accidentally happen unless it’s someone’s focus. So as you sit down over the next few weeks and ponder what to do in 2013, think about some of these questions. Think about whether or not you’ve done everything possible to make 2013 a great year and not a mediocre one. And always remember, if we can be of any assistance to you, please call us for a free 30 minute phone consultation.