When Buying or Selling an Insurance Agency, Use all Resources Available

Some of the services offered by Ganis Consulting include Buyer and Seller Representation. If you own an insurance agency and want to sell it, you can hire us to do all the heavy lifting. We’ll conduct a summary valuation, put together a profile, contact our 500+ buyers on our buyers list and help you obtain the best price and terms for your agency. We’ll negotiate on your behalf, advise you every step of the way and most importantly, keep the transaction confidential. If you want to buy an insurance agency, we offer packages packed with tools to help you find agencies for sale anywhere in the US. Some of the tools include how to approach prospective sellers, where to find them and what to do once you meet them. Everyday buyers tell us about a deal that fell through because neither party knew what steps to take to finalize a sale. Before you buy or sell an insurance agency in California, NY, Arizona or any other state in the US, please contact us to make sure you’re using as many resources as possible.