Insurance Sales Best Practices


Insurance Agency Training will help grow your business

Over the past 7 years, we’ve trained well over 10,000 insurance agency principals, producers, csr’s, account managers and other industry specialists. We’ve trained in well over 450 different insurance agencies and have witnessed best practices, poor practices and everything in between. The one consistent theme we hear when our projects are completed is that we identified areas of  improvement


Prospecting for Sales People should become a way of Life

Many sales people commit certain times of the day or week to finding new business and look at prospecting as boring or a chore. I’ve met with 1,000’s of sales professionals and business owners over the past several years and the one common theme of the most successful businesses is that prospecting is not a scheduled event, but a way

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Insurance Agencies that Sell By Price – Die by Price

There’s nothing like good old fashioned salesmanship to grow a business. Often times you get so caught up in the day to day minutia as an agency owner that you don’t pay attention to the most vital part of the operation; selling new business. Salesmanship is rarely practiced, taught or discussed in many insurance agencies.


Insurance Agencies Should Focus on Sales Training

Sales Training in Insurance Agencies is not something practiced regularly. If an insurance agency offers any type of guidance, meetings or courses, the material usually revolves around insurance. It’s obvious that we all need to understand the product we sell and one of the greatest parts of this business is that you learn something new every day. However, Insurance Agencies

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