Selling an Insurance Agency


How do I Sell an Independent Insurance Agency or Book of Business?

How do you Sell an Independent Insurance Agency or Book of Business? Over the past 12 months, our firm has received 32 buyer inquiries to every one seller, so sellers are in luck!The demand for small to medium sized standard or preferred agencies is greater than it’s ever been. Personal, Commercial and Benefits Agencies and Books of Business are in

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Resources for Buying and Selling Independent Insurance Agencies

Insurance Agency Owners and Investors need resources when considering buying or selling an independent insurance agency. There are a few sites we like and some we don’t, but this isn’t a review of insurance acquisition sites, you can determine what you’d like to use.


Industry Experts to Sell Insurance Agencies in California

  We’re pleased to announce that we’ve been approved by Business Brokerage Press as an Industry Expert for Insurance Agencies. As a licensed Real Estate In California, we’re able to properly list, advise and guide you in selling your insurance agency. We also offer buyer services for insurance agency buyers looking to acquire agencies or books of business. As members

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Another Reason why this is the best time to Sell your California Insurance Agency

Over the past 15 years, we’ve all heard reasons why you should sell an insurance agency. Lower commissions, higher capital gains taxes, increasing overhead and the big bad internet. Independent Agents have heard dozens of reasons to sell their agencies, but if it’s so important to sell now, why is it such a good idea to buy? 


4 ways Insurance Agents can increase online lead conversions from PC360

The No. 1 challenge I hear from personal lines agents is that the phone isn’t ringing with new prospective customers. The reason for that is obvious, most consumers initiate shopping online. Many agents try to generate or buy leads online, but the results are dismal so they give up. There are agencies who build big books of business from generating

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Leavitt Group Purchases Golf Insurance Services in California

The Northern California office of the Leavitt Group has purchased Golf Insurance Services from George Peterson Insurance Agency. Golf Insurance Services, located in Rancho Cordova, Calif., specializes in providing insurance solutions for public and private golf courses, country clubs, planned golf communities and homeowners associations. 


Confie Seguros Acquires Olympic Insurance in Washington

Confie Seguros has acquired Olympic Insurance in Shelton, Wash., a provider of auto, home and small commercial insurance. Olympic Insurance was founded in 1997 and is a privately owned independent insurance agency serving Washington. Confie first entered Washington in 2010 with the acquisition of the iconic Vern Fonk Insurance.  Olympic Insurance is Confie’s the eighth acquisition in the Pacific Northwest and the 17th Vern Fonk location.


Insurance Agency Mergers &Acquisitions Drops in First Half 2013

The number of insurance agency mergers and acquisitions declined slightly during the first half of 2013, with 122 reported transactions in the U.S. and Canada compared with 133 deals last year, according to OPTIS Partners, a Chicago-based investment banking and financial consulting firm specializing in insurance. “It was a period of relative calm after the perfect storm of getting deals done before the capital

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Seller Finance Keeps US Market Resilient, Buyers Give Views on Crowd Funding

Nearly eight times more US business buyers expect to use seller financing than prospective UK purchasers, according to a survey of hundreds of buyers, sellers and brokers. Asked how they expected to fund a purchase, nearly one in three (31%) US-based would-be buyers said they hoped to obtain a loan from the vendor, compared to fewer than one in

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7 Tips for Choosing a Business Broker when selling your business

For serial entrepreneur Jane Angelich, deciding to sell the San Francisco uniform store she had owned for 13 years was easy. Finding an attentive business broker to help with the transaction proved to be less so. “The first one I hired produced nothing,” says Angelich, who’s now CEO of Supercollar, a company that sells a dog collar with a built-in

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