Insurance Carriers

One-On-One Guidance

Owner-First Based Training

Carriers work with an Insurance Agency base that needs a source for Leadership, Sales, Marketing and Operations training. Our training is designed for Agency Owners first, then the staff follows so everyone hears the same core principles, terminology and delivery.

From Leveraging Tools to Leadership

Training includes how to find the best people, develop rock solid processes and how to leverage tools and technology available to the industry. We discuss leadership, sales, online lead conversion, cross-selling, how to use data in the agency to make key decisions, with a key emphasis on growth.

All-Inclusive Course

Wouldn’t you like to send your agency base to an agency training course on leadership, closing new business, cross-selling existing accounts, up-selling coverage when appropriate and strategically develop processes in the agency.

Class sizes vary from 20-150 and include workbooks with your choice of 1/2, 1, 2 or 3 day workshops.

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