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Seller Representation for Insurance Agencies

We offer Buy-Side and Sell Side Representation, Summary Valuations, Due Diligence, and financing for insurance agency transactions. Our vast network of qualified buyers and experience structuring transactions over the past 10 years, make us an excellent choice for any agency owner looking to sell their book of business. As former agency owners, we understand how agencies run and can represent you better than any generalist or Business Broker you’ll meet. We understand direct bill, agency bill, personal, commercial, benefits, trust accounts, management systems and everything else to educate buyers so you get the best price and terms for your agency.

Obtain the Best Offer

We have the experience to help you not only find a buyer, but prepare your insurance agency to fetch top dollar. Most Insurance Agency Owners sell an agency once in their lifetime whereas buyers can complete several transactions. This gives the insurance agency buyer an advantage over the agency seller which is why it pays to have representation. Plus, do you want the phone ringing from buyers asking about “The Agency for Sale”?

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We Offer a Full Menu of Services for Insurance Agency Owners Looking to Sell. NO FEES Unless Sold.

  • Keep your insurance agency name and your name confidential while marketing
  • Pre-qualify and obtain confidentiality agreements from prospective buyers
  • Pricing and valuation of your insurance agency to maximize the value of your business
  • Reviewing, countering and negotiating letters of intent
  • Purchase Agreement, closing, transfer of money, agency codes and much more
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