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What Consulting Is Not

One thing we are keenly aware of as consultants to insurance agencies is this: Consulting has a bad rap. First of all, it sounds like it must be expensive. Secondly, it sounds kind of vague. And lastly, it can sound a little offensive or intimidating, as if because we’re consultants we must know more than you.

We Bring You Another Perspective

When you walk into a house and it smells like dogs, the people who reside there don’t smell the dogs because they’re in that house 24/7 so they’re used to the smell. When you walk in for the first time and you smell those dogs immediately. That’s how we see things at insurance agencies. The owner and staff are there all the time, get caught up in the daily grind and can’t smell the dogs. Hiring an objective 3rd Party will help you smell the dogs.

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We Provide Observations and Solutions

It is exactly what it sounds like. A no-nonsense report about the things we see in your agency that you probably can’t see and are holding you back from reaching your potential. And just like the old report cards you got in grade school, the Agency Report Card doesn’t just point out the observed issues; it includes specific recommendations on how to challenges to move forward. And it also tells you what you’re already doing right.

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A More Fitting Approach

There is no cookie-cutter approach to running a successful insurance agency and no cookie-cutter approach to observing an agency’s operations or making recommendations in a Report Card. Each agency is different and has its own characteristics. What works in one, may have no applicability whatsoever in another. But there are definitely some very basic principles involved in things like the service workflow, sales tracking, compensation plans, and other aspects of business that are common among all agencies. And Understanding how your agency handles those basics as compared to how highly successful agencies handle them, can be Benchmarking your against the fastest growing agencies in the country is very useful in helping you make some changes for improvement.

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How We Get Started

The process for preparing the Insurance Agency or Call Center Assessment is very simple:

  1. An onsite visit to observe the operation and go through a questionnaire with the agency owner to get specific information about how the agency operates.
  2. A review of certain data, reports, statements, and other supporting documentation while onsite.
  3. Interviews with key employees, CSR’s, Producers and Leadership.

Summarize the key findings into an easy to understand document (the Agency Report Card) that the agency owner can then use to address priority areas. Its essentially a Battle Plan for the next several quarters to improve sales, service, marketing and other areas of the agency.

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