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10 Content Ideas for April Compliments of Insurance Technologies Corporation ITC

Our friends at ITC posted a blog a few days ago with 10 Content Ideas for April. If you’ve never been to an insurance conference and aren’t familiar with ITC, they have several products for Agencies including a Comparative Rater, Agency Management System and an Email Marketing Solution that’ll knock your socks off. You should definitely check them out if

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Consistency is Key for your Digital, Blogging and Social Marketing Strategy

As we travel the country speaking with insurance agencies and other businesses about how to leverage the internet to generate new business or engage existing customers, many business owners aren’t sure how to start an online marketing campaign. Posting your products and services on Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter can certainly help, but the Digital Consumer wants more than that. When

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Maintaining your Insurance Blog is Imperative for your SEO Efforts

Insurance Agencies and other businesses that drive the most traffic to their sites take several proactive measures to ensure the traffic is consistent. By now, hopefully you know that SEO means Search Engine Optimization. This means that your site has links, keywords, video and other enhancements that search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing, YouTube) recognize and therefore push your site to

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Astonish Results isn’t just a Digital Marketing System

One misconception of Astonish Results services is that they’re a web lead provider or lead generator. While Astonish will help you generate leads, we will also help you implement effective selling strategies in your agency. A great place to learn more about Astonish Results culture and personnel is at the Astonish Results Blog.