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Seller Finance Keeps US Market Resilient, Buyers Give Views on Crowd Funding

Nearly eight times more US business buyers expect to use seller financing than prospective UK purchasers, according to a BusinessesForSale.com survey of hundreds of buyers, sellers and brokers. Asked how they expected to fund a purchase, nearly one in three (31%) US-based would-be buyers said they hoped to obtain a loan from the vendor, compared to fewer than one in

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California Insurance Commissioner Seeks Comments on PAYD Auto Insurance

California Insurance Commissioner Steve Poizner has issued proposed regulations for Pay-Drive (Usage Based Auto Insurance), and is accepting public comments on the proposal until 5 p.m., Thursday, July 9, 2009. According to the Commissioner, “Insurers frequently rely on consumers to provide their own estimates of the number of miles they drive annually.


Five Checklists and Letters for your Insurance Agency

The Insurance Journal is loaded with useful information for insurance agents and brokers. A division of the Insurance Journal, www.MyNewMarkets.com released Five Insurance Checklists And Client Letters Your Agency Can’t Be Without In 2009. Click here to read the article and view the checkslists and letters.


Use a Business Broker when selling your Insurance Agency

Most Insurance Agency Owners are savvy business people and when it comes to selling their agency, decide  to do it themselves. Many Business Owners would never consider selling their house without a Realtor and they’ve lived in houses longer than they’ve owned a business. The thing about selling a business is there’s no uniformity when selling a business. Every insurance

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When will this soft market change for Insurance Agents and Brokers?

California insurance Brokers should be happy to see the Department of Insurance approving rate increases for Workers Comp Insurance. A recent article in the Insurance Journal breaks down the insurance carriers, the rate increase they requested and what was approved.


Nevada Health Insurance Book of Business for Sale

Location: Las Vegas, NV. Annual Revenue: $156,000 Asking Price: $299,500 Agency Description: 100% Health book of business Perfect fold in opportunity. No employees, office or other liabilities Business placed with carriers such as Anthem, Sierra and Pacificare Excellent book of business for established Brokerage to expand or new agent looking to start an agency Priced to Sell quick. To get more information about this

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Business Brokers can Help Insurance Agency Buyers and Sellers close the deal

We received a call from a client that searched for an insurance agency to acquire for 18 months. He found a candidate, met the Owner and was positive he’d be buy this agency. After the first 2 visits, The Seller warmed up to him and gave him 3 years of financial information. After another week and another visit, the Seller gave

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Insurance Agencies for Sale in California are Hard to Locate

We field calls and emails from buyers looking to acquire agencies on a daily basis. Even though the economy is in the tank and nobody knows what’s going to happen in our country the next few years, buyers are out and about looking for acquisition candidates.


Now is the Time to Develop Accounting Procedures for Next Year

Most businesses that don’t sell, don’t sell because the Business Owners income can’t be verified. If you want to improve the accounting and Financial Reporting for your business or insurance agency, now is the time to prepare. With a few easy steps, you can easily improve your business and we’ve listed them below.


There are still More Insurance Agency Buyers than Sellers

In spite of the slow down in the economy there are still an abundance of buyers looking to purchase insurance agencies and brokerages. Many sellers are reluctant to list their insurance agency for sale because they’re not writing the business they were the past 3 years and think they can get more by riding out the slow down.