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5 Ways Business Owners Can Maximize Value and Sales Price when Selling an Insurance Agency

At Ganis Consulting, we receive at least 15-20 NEW inquiries every month from agency owners looking to acquire insurance agencies. The deals we close are under $1,000,000 in annual Revenue and many of our transactions are for Insurance Agencies under $500,000 in Revenue. These are usually Owners with a preferred insurance book of business with carriers such as; Mercury, SafeCo,

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7 Tips for Choosing a Business Broker when selling your business

For serial entrepreneur Jane Angelich, deciding to sell the San Francisco uniform store she had owned for 13 years was easy. Finding an attentive business broker to help with the transaction proved to be less so. “The first one I hired produced nothing,” says Angelich, who’s now CEO of Supercollar, a company that sells a dog collar with a built-in

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New Website Design Launched for Business Buyers and Sellers

Regular visitors to our blog will notice the site has been completely redesigned. We went from a blog site to a traditional brochure website. The site is easier for users to navigate when searching for businesses to purchase or researching how to sell their business. Our web consultants R3R designed, created and launched the site last week.


Use a California Business Broker when Buying or Selling a Business

We receive multiple calls and emails weekly from business owners asking how to hire a business broker. Another question we hear a lot of is; what are the costs associated with hiring a business broker?  Can I hire a business broker if I’m buying a business? What are the other advantages of hiring a business broker? This post will answer

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Business Brokers keep the Transaction Moving to a Close

One of the best reasons to hire a Business Broker to sell your business is they keep the transaction moving along. We can’t tell you how many times we’ve heard people say “We were in a deal, but the buyer stopped calling and it fell apart”. Most people hear the term Broker and the first thing that comes to mind

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