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When Buying or Selling an Insurance Agency, Use all Resources Available

Some of the services offered by Ganis Consulting include Buyer and Seller Representation. If you own an insurance agency and want to sell it, you can hire us to do all the heavy lifting. We’ll conduct a summary valuation, put together a profile, contact our 500+ buyers on our buyers list and help you obtain the best price and terms

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There are Many Steps to Buying or Selling an Insurance Agency

Locating an insurance agency for sale can create more challenges than buyers and sellers realize. Once you locate an insurance agency for sale, what are the next steps? Sign confidentiality agreements, learn as much as you can about the agency, interview the seller of the agency, visit the location, request documentation about the agency, submit and negotiate an offer, request

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Experience Helps when Selling an Insurance Agency

After you’ve invested years and/or decades into your insurance agency you finally decide to sell. You want to get out and not worry about who shows up and who doesn’t. You want to be rewarded in one lump sum for the years you’ve invested in your insurance agency. There are plenty of buyers in this market.


Use a California Business Broker when Buying or Selling a Business

We receive multiple calls and emails weekly from business owners asking how to hire a business broker. Another question we hear a lot of is; what are the costs associated with hiring a business broker?  Can I hire a business broker if I’m buying a business? What are the other advantages of hiring a business broker? This post will answer

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Hire Help When You Buy or Sell a Business In California

When buying or selling a business in California, you should have a team of advisers assist you. You need a team of 3 professionals consisting of a Business Broker, CPA and Attorney. Each one will play a vital role and in spite of the fees or commissions paid to your team, you’ll come out ahead. The knowledge of selling businesses

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