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Locating and Buying an Insurance Agency is no Easy Task

We spend 100% of our time prospecting insurance agencies for sale and know from experience that locating a viable candidate is no easy task. To find an insurance agency for sale that profitable, has reasonable pricing, good markets, location, employees and other positive features can literally take years for you to locate.


If a Business for Sale Interests you Submit an Offer

Any research you’ve done on Buying Businesses will teach you that a Business ultimately sells for what someone is willing to pay for it. An asking price for a business is basically an opinion since COMPS for similarly sold businesses don’t exist. You can show 10 Income and Expense Statements to 10 different Business Brokers/Bankers/Appraisers and get 10 different valuations.


Buyers Need Representation when Identifying a Business for Sale

We’ve taken numerous calls in recent weeks from buyers that have identified an Insurance Agency for sale and needed help evaluating the agency and preparing offers. The hardest part of buying a business is locating a viable candidate so when you do, you can’t let it slip through your fingers. There are many benefits to having a 3rd party involved

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