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Why Most Insurance Agency Buyers will Never Buy Your (any) Agency

We’ve all heard it at insurance conferences, dinners and carrier events. Agents are looking to acquire a book or buy an agency because it’s one of the best investments on the planet. Problem is, most of these buyers love the sound of acquiring an agency, but most never do. When there’s an opportunity presented to them, they tell you why

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10 Content Ideas for April Compliments of Insurance Technologies Corporation ITC

Our friends at ITC posted a blog a few days ago with 10 Content Ideas for April. If you’ve never been to an insurance conference and aren’t familiar with ITC, they have several products for Agencies including a Comparative Rater, Agency Management System and an Email Marketing Solution that’ll knock your socks off. You should definitely check them out if

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Good Read on Insurance Journal with Tips to Improve your Insurance Agency Website

This article/blog first appeared on Insurance Journal: In just the last decade, websites have revolutionized the way insurance agents find new clients, conduct business, and build their professional presence. The lack of a website just five years ago may not have made a difference, but today a website defines an insurance agent’s legitimacy. 78% of Internet users conduct product research

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Bakersfield California Insurance Agent Arrested for Suspected Fraud

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KBAK/KBFX) — A local insurance agent was arrested, accused of stealing customers’ premiums and not providing the coverage purchased. Jose Luis Yanez, Jr., 36, of Bakersfield surrendered and was arraigned on March 29th. Department of Insurance investigators say they found evidence that he accepted cash for premiums, but did not provide the coverage.


How you can Leverage YouTube in your Insurance Agency Digital Marketing Efforts

I remember the first time I learned that YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world I was shocked. I was speaking with a neighbor who told me that he fixed his garage door opener by watching a 9-minute video on YouTube. Insurance Agencies all over the country leverage YouTube as part of their Digital Marketing blended strategy

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Five Checklists and Letters for your Insurance Agency

The Insurance Journal is loaded with useful information for insurance agents and brokers. A division of the Insurance Journal, www.MyNewMarkets.com released Five Insurance Checklists And Client Letters Your Agency Can’t Be Without In 2009. Click here to read the article and view the checkslists and letters.


There are still More Insurance Agency Buyers than Sellers

In spite of the slow down in the economy there are still an abundance of buyers looking to purchase insurance agencies and brokerages. Many sellers are reluctant to list their insurance agency for sale because they’re not writing the business they were the past 3 years and think they can get more by riding out the slow down.


What is my Insurance Agency Worth?

“What is my insurance agency worth”? is the number one question we field from owners. The best way it’s ever been explained to me is “insurance agencies are like snowflakes, no two are alike”. This statement hits the nail on the head because every agency has different types of value. In our initial interview with agency sellers we ask key

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