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Insurance Agencies should Strive for LinkedIn Recommendations to Leverage Social Media

I was recently teaching a class and several insurance agencies that have learned to leverage social media asked about the value of recommendations on LinkedIn. There were of course, a few detractors that didn’t see the value and it turned into a great debate about whether or not the modern consumer actually reads recommendations and if they can help you.

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Great Article on how Insurance Agents can Leverage LinkedIn

Our good friends at Insurance Journal published an article from the CEO of Astonish, Adam DeGraide. Here’s a short excerpt from the article with a link to read the entire piece.


Insurance Agents Should Use Social Networking as a Prospecting Tool

If you haven’t heard, there are a few great ways to reach people everyday and offer your products to them without paying a dime. Yes, Social Networking has exploded over the past couple of years and Insurance Agencies should take advantage of this amazing prospecting tool. Before you can reach the masses, you have to decide where you want to network

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Follow Ganis Consulting on LinkedIn, FaceBook and Twitter

Social Networking has become a great way to prospect, network, generate new ideas and contacts. Ganis Consulting has groups on all the major social networking sites and we invite you to join us. You’ll receive updates on Insurance Agencies for Sale, closed deals and ideas on how to add value to your Independent Insurance Agency. Join us on LinkedIn–FaceBook–Twitter We

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