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SOLD: California Mercury, Safeco, Travelers, Hartford Insurance Agency for Sale

Location: San Bernardino County, Ca. Agency Description: Gross Commission Revenue: 2016 – $495,000 Net Earnings/Cash Flow: $200,000 100% California Personal Lines Independent Agency Not dependent upon location, perfect FOLD-IN to buyer’s office Stable revenues and strong profits. One CSR Services Entire Book and would like to work with New Owner Good Loss Ratios, improved over past year due to preparing

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Astonish Coaching Site is a Great Tool for Insurance Agents

As many of our followers know, we recently merged forces with Astonish Results. We’ve joined their Coaching Division which specializes in creating customized training packages for insurance agencies. For more information about this new division, please visit astonishcoaching.com


For Insurance Agencies There is no Such Thing as Staying the Same

Many Insurance Brokers that are considering the sale of their agency have a variety of factors to consider. One of them is that there is no such thing as staying the same.


Selling Internet Leads can be profitable for Insurance Agencies

Most of the Personal and Commercial Lines Insurance Agencies we speak with about selling internet leads often have the same response. “Oh yeah, we tried that months ago, spent thousands of dollars and didn’t get one sale out of them”. When we ask about their procedure for calling, quoting and selling internet leads, they often look at us puzzled.


Add Value to your Insurance Agency by being Prepared before you Sell

One of the toughest challenges we face on a daily basis is the ability to verify  income of an insurance agency for sale. Insurance Agency Owners have a good idea how much each carrier pays them monthly but lack the paper trail buyers need. We have various posts on this very topic and it’s important for sellers to organize their

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Selling your Commercial or Personal Insurance Agency

With a New Year upon us, many insurance agency owners are hoping to sell their agencies this year. Regardless of the bad economy, Insurance Agencies are still in demand and there is no shortage of buyers. There are a few things to remember when selling your insurance agency but your number one priority is preparation.


Do’s and Dont’s for Operating your Insurance Agency

When a new quote calls or walks in to your agency, are you 100% confident you or your staff are doing everything possible to write the business? Below is a short list of do’s and don’ts that may help you in your next staff meeting. It’s important to emphasize to your staff the fact that at the end of the

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Selling New Business Stimulates Insurance Agency Growth

There’s nothing like good old fashioned salesmanship to grow a business. Often times you get so caught up in the day to day functions of agency owner you don’t pay attention to the most vital part of the operation and that’s selling new business. Salesmanship is not practiced, taught or discussed in many agencies. It’s usually insurance talk, underwriting or

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Using an Escrow Company when Selling Your Insurance Agency

Many insurance agency purchases are completed without an Escrow Company. While that’s fine if both buyer and seller have completed transactions in the past, first timers should consider using an escrow company. An Escrow Officer can outline your letter of intent into Escrow instructions. This will help your transaction stay organized and make sure everyone is handling their respective contingencies.

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There’s a lot to Learn when Selling your Insurance Agency

After you’ve invested years and/or decades into your insurance agency you finally decide to sell. You want to get out and not worry about who shows up and who doesn’t. You want to be rewarded in one lump sum for the years you’ve invested in your insurance agency. There are plenty of buyers in this market. Every day you receive

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