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Consistency is Key for your Digital, Blogging and Social Marketing Strategy

As we travel the country speaking with insurance agencies and other businesses about how to leverage the internet to generate new business or engage existing customers, many business owners aren’t sure how to start an online marketing campaign. Posting your products and services on Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter can certainly help, but the Digital Consumer wants more than that. When

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How you can Leverage YouTube in your Insurance Agency Digital Marketing Efforts

I remember the first time I learned that YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world I was shocked. I was speaking with a neighbor who told me that he fixed his garage door opener by watching a 9-minute video on YouTube. Insurance Agencies all over the country leverage YouTube as part of their Digital Marketing blended strategy

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Insurance Agency Digital Marketing Best Practices is a Blended Strategy

Insurance Agency Digital Marketing has become the new yellow pages for Independent Agencies across america. Increasing traffic to your website, executing email marketing campaigns and establishing yourself on Social Media is now the only way to grow your book of business. Everywhere consumers look someone is telling them to go online to shop, compare and bundle insurance online. So how do you

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Local Insurance Agencies Can Automate Social Media Postings

Over the past couple of years, there have been hundreds of new tools for individuals and businesses to automate Social Media Postings. I recently came across a new app called Bufferapp that has helped me drastically increase my LinkedIn and Twitter followers by allowing me to schedule tweets or LinkedIn posts in advance. You can determine the days and times

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