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Insurance Sales Training Class with Industry Expert Stuart Ganis

We’ll be holding a class in San Diego on June 18th to teach sales and marketing best practices to insurance agencies. We hope you can join us at this great event being sponsored by The American Agents Alliance. If you’d like to sign up for the class please click here http://conta.cc/11ivgsD. The class also includes dinner and will be a great

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What are Insurance Agency Owners Focused on in 2013?

Over the past month we’ve worked with dozens of agencies in California and a few other states to make 2013 their best year ever. Insurance Agency Owners are unsure of what to expect in 2013 and quite frankly, neither do we. What we all need to know is that we should focus on what we can control which is Producers,

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Insurance Agencies are Anxious to Learn about Digital Marketing

I recently taught a class and had about 40 Agencies in attendance. We discussed the Big Rocks of Digital Marketing and the participation of the attendees was amazing! This group of agencies have obviously embraced technology,  but Digital Marketing still seems to be a challenge for many of them. We covered the Core Principles of successful marketing for Insurance Agencies

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Are People and Recruiting Important to your Insurance Agency?

I’ve met 100’s of Insurance Agency Principals this year alone and a common challenge seems to be finding good people. When I ask what they’re doing to find people, there’s usually excuses, muttering and an epiphany that they’re not actually doing anything to recruit Insurance Agents, CSR’s or Account Managers.


Insurance Agency Coaching and Consulting is a Great Investment

I’ve been in nearly 300 insurance agencies in the past 5 years for training, coaching, consulting, marketing and M&A services. It’s amazing how much the business has changed in the past 5,10,15 years. Days of running a yellow page ad, sponsoring a little league team and ringing phones are long gone for most. The fact is, the modern consumer moved

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Insurance Agencies Should Focus on Sales Training

Sales Training in Insurance Agencies is not something practiced regularly. If an insurance agency offers any type of guidance, meetings or courses, the material usually revolves around insurance. It’s obvious that we all need to understand the product we sell and one of the greatest parts of this business is that you learn something new every day. However, Insurance Agencies

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